The Tanner Goods x Maak Lab collection is now available. The set includes two soap scent profiles in both liquid and bar form stem directly from Oregon's primary landscapes, each based on a Pacific Northwest terrain and its relation to the craft of leather. A candle rounds out the sensory experience utilizing a reusable glass sink cup for use long after the burn.

Learning from the roots of leather craft, we found species of trees that were originally harvested for the natural wood tannins in their bark, which are used in the tanning and darkening of leather hides. These barks are recontextualized from leather to soap in two of Tanner's bars, adding light exfoliation to Wildwood that smells of a minty forest.  Shoreline tells an earlier process of leather creation, focusing on the salty air of the shore and the harvest of this salt for the drying and curing of hides. 

The Shoreline Bar is the newest addition to the Tanner Goods line, an homage to the tree lined coast of the Pacific Northwest. Sea salt mixes with fine grain Oregon beach sand and sea moss for a very light exfoliation. Notes of bright cypress are anchored by a subtle smokey wood, accentuating the cold salty air of the coast.

Designed and produced exclusively for Tanner Goods by Maak Lab. Made locally in Portland, Oregon, from all natural ingredients and essential oils. No artificial ingredients. In store and online at Tanner Goods